The Brineys Team


Stefan Brouwer                 

Stefan is the atypical engineer who ever started this. When the idea of ​​Brineys was born, he was able to inspire people with his enthusiasm and convince them what he believes in. For example, Stefan will never say that a problem cannot be solved. Every problem has a solution, we just haven't always found it. With this power of persuasion, he bears the responsibility to ensure that everyone on the team can use their talents to further Brineys' goal. He also connects the partners and stakeholders to the team to make Brineys part of a chain. He is also responsible for sales and building the first production plant in Kenya.

✆ +31 6 304 978 38


Kas van 't Loo                 

Kas trusts that a different approach is always possible. At Brineys, this is the basis of the developed plan: Brineys approaches water scarcity in a different way than usual. In the master spatial engineering, Kas learned how to come up with concrete solutions for complex spatial problems. He likes to use this knowledge for Brineys. Kas is creative and strategic, and often sees solutions that you don't just think about. In addition to determining a good location for the drinking water and salt factory, he is responsible within Brineys for the finances, the positioning and the website.

✆ +31 6 104 394 27

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Maaike Kruijer


Maaike has a degree in Media Design and is currently studying E-Commerce. Together with some classmates, she helped build the Brineys webshop. She’s also part of the Social media team within Brineys, together with Maresa. Maaike is creative and precise. She also has been to Kenya herself. She is socially involved and this provides in targeted marketing. Because she already has some experience in maintaining social media for multiple companies, she strives to make Brineys a great online success.


Hari Subbish Kumar Subramanian            

Hari has a master's degree in sustainable energy technology. Having experienced water scarcity in India in his childhood, he is incredibly motivated to do something about water scarcity with the help of innovative, sustainable techniques. Hari's eye for detail, planning skills and kindness make him an indispensable member of the Brineys team. Hari is responsible for the hygiene code and regulations that are involved in the production of salt. In addition, he helps with the design of the technical installation for producing drinking water.

Jasper van Asselt                                    

Jasper would like to accelerate global sustainable development and bring it to a level where future generations, both humans and nature, can continue to flourish on this planet. Brineys facilitates this goal for him, because Brineys contributes to the solution to the global water scarcity problem in a sustainable and circular way. Jasper has an open and friendly attitude and is often curious about new ideas and thoughts. Through years of experience on the farm, Jasper has developed practical skills and is responsible within Brineys for the production of salt and drinking water.

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Maresa Hamer


Maresa is active in marketing.  At the moment she is graduating at MBO Marketing and Communication, which she really enjoys.  She is planning to continue studying for now. Her plan is to attend HBO creative marketing & sales next.  Maaike and Maresa currently manage the social media accounts for Brineys.  They ensure that you stay up-to-date through different social media channels of Brineys.  So keep following us! Maresa really enjoys working with Brineys in this way and thus making Brineys a success.  Maresa does this with great pleasure.



The Brineys team is also reinforced by a handful of advisers. When it comes to marketing and commerce, Peter Links and Jan van 't Loo think along with us. Joris Hemme is our sparring partner for reverse osmosis technology and Simeon in 't Veld is the man behind our videos with his company Noemis .

Global water scarcity cannot be solved by a small group of people alone. Do you therefore want to strengthen our team or contribute ideas? Then take a look at our 'Help with' page .