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We would like to keep you informed through several channels. Follow the progress of Brineys in the way that suits you.

Social media

For the most important updates and the daily affairs of Brineys you are at the right place on Instagram and Facebook. If you are also interested in background stories and the research we do to make the project a success, you can follow us on LinkedIn.

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The series: 'The story of Brineys'

Through the series we portray the Brineys story. In the first episode, you sit down with us to learn more about the Brineys plan.

In addition, the motivations of the Brineys team are discussed and you can see us at work while we are making a prototype.

The next episode is scheduled for the winter of 2021.

Brineys Podcast: 'Water, it's not normal anyway'

Water, it's not normal anyway. Because, no matter how normal it may seem to us in the Netherlands, having water is not a foregone conclusion for more than 2 billion people in the world. In the podcast, Stefan and Kas zoom in in an accessible way on water scarcity, the technology for turning seawater into drinking water and salt and the team behind Brineys.

The premiere of the first episode took place on October 27, 2020 on Spotify! Tieko, an interested party in the Brineys project, interviews Stefan and Kas in this first episode about the origins of Brineys and the goals we have.


Brineys on Tour

The Brineys team is happy to tell their story. This can be in the form of a presentation or workshop with which we want to inspire others. At the same time, we like to be inspired ourselves.

That is why we go with 'Brineys on Tour', we seek contact with others and are also open to being approached ourselves.